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15-Minute Ratatouille

In just 15 minutes, you can prepare a colorful, delicious meal for two with this quick and easy ratatouille recipe. The dish is packed with fiber and vitamin C thanks to the summer squash and crunchy, sweet bell peppers. Try the diced tomatoes with… read more >

Arctic Char on a Bed of Kale

Arctic char is a mild-flavored fish–related to salmon and trout–that’s sustainably farmed and cooks up quickly. Try this recipe with lacinato (otherwise known as dinosaur) kale, and serve with roasted or steamed potatoes for a complete meal. Yield: 4 servings Active Time: 30 minutes… read more >

Golden Beet, Quinoa, and Chicken Salad

With a little advance preparation, you can have this tasty, lean protein-packed salad on the table in 15 minutes. Next time you’re making dinner, grill or broil a couple of extra chicken breasts and make a pot of quinoa in advance. Having these ingredients… read more >

Asparagus and New Potato Salad with Bacon

Bacon gets a bad wrap. While it might not be top of mind when it comes to healthy eating, it’s not necessarily a “bad” food. As part of a balanced diet, bacon can have a place at the table. It adds smoky flavor and… read more >

Asparagus Kale Salad with Slivered Almonds

A sure sign of spring: Asparagus, making its yearly debut at your local farmers’ market. This herbaceous green veggie is tender and sweet, and it’s chock-full of nutrients, too. Asparagus is a very good source of fiber, and is loaded with vitamins E, C,… read more >

Wild Salmon and Spinach in Parchment

Cooking in parchment couldn’t be simpler. In addition to giving a great presentation at the table, this recipe is quick and healthy. Add a touch of oil and the ingredients steam inside the parchment. In less than 15 minutes, the parchment will puff up,… read more >

Spring Clean Your Diet!

Spring is the ideal time to focus on the importance of good nutrition and how it impacts your health. You’re probably starting to notice fresh crops of produce popping up at your local farmers’ market—what better time to branch out and try something new?… read more >